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Can energy be free?

Posted by gravisman on June 25, 2008

I mean, isn’t this supposed to be a free country?

3 Responses to “Can energy be free?”

  1. Michael said

    One of the best ideas that has come out of John McCain’s campaign has been giving financial incentives to companies that innovate in alternative energy. This is alot better than subsidizing, because it encourages innovation instead of simply handing out money without expecting anything back in return.

    Beyond that, I don’t think the government should play a role. I’ve heard of environmentalists that have wanted to raise taxes on energy in push consumers away from fossil fuels, and they’re half right. As the price goes up for oil, businesses will sense more incentives to pursue new energy avenues. It might be painful and frustrating for some, but that is how progress happens.

  2. tallerthenyou said

    Dr. Paul’s site has a pretty nice post about the McCain incentive program…

  3. gravisman said

    Excellent points are made. By what right can the government take from us to fund whatever incentive program a few people think is a good idea? Why would the government think about spending in such ways when it’s so incredibly grossly in debt? Finally, how could it be so arrogant/stupid as to think it knows better than the consumers themselves who will grant the rewards to innovators by purchasing millions of their products.

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