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Ubiquitous Wifi

Posted by gravisman on July 9, 2008

Sometimes people criticize me or libertarianism in general for being too cold and seamingly selfish. They argue that people can do great things if they work together. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more. People naturally work together to accomplish their greatest work. This is why we form corporations, and is really the heart of free enterprise and capitalism. One of the greatest benefits of true liberty is the freedom to work together and to find great ways to work together without governmental meddling.

One of the greatest ways in which we could all work together for mutual benefit is right at our fingertips in millions of homes across the USA. I’m talking about ubiquitous wifi. Ubiquitous wifi is the idea that virtually wherever you go, there will be an open wifi network with which to connect to the internet. We already live in a world where you can pick up a wifi signal almost anywhere, but the odds of that signal being unencrypted are getting lower every day.

The basic logic behind locking down wifi networks with encryption is that people don’t want others leeching their connection. Ok, that makes sense. But, what if you could share your connection under the expectation that most of the time nobody will be using it anyway, and even when they are, you probably won’t notice, and then in return you could have the awesome reward of accessing others’ connections wherever you go. The small loss of bandwidth you would give up to allow visitors on your network from time to time would be greatly overshadowed by your awesome ability to connect all around whatever city you live in.

I understand that we’re all sort of stuck in a prisoner’s dilema here. Everyone is afraid that they will be the only one to open their network, and people will leech off them without getting any benefit. I think this is a movement worth starting, though. Open your network. And when you do, put a comment saying “I opened my network.” After that, tell everyone you know or meet with a closed network that they should open theirs, too. Even in the beginning you can quickly get positive benefits by having easy access to the internet whenever you’re hanging out at any of your friends’ houses – because you will have made all them open their networks. With one circle of friends all enjoying easy access, you can grow from their. Things can only get better.

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Free people get to have fun

Posted by gravisman on July 2, 2008

The above video is a bit of hilarity from the very talented ventriliquist Jeff Dunham. The next bit is a collection of responses to the video posted by MobLogic.

“Most of the people who watch these videos are racist.” What?! My message to anyone who finds racism in this video, or any joking of this nature: you are the ones giving legitimacy to any ideas of real difference, and thereby promoting racism – not the rest of us who are just having fun.

One of the great concepts of slander is that in order for something to be truly slanderous, it must be considered believable by a normal person. If someone posts a video joking that Libertarian Ramblings can’t even write a complete sentence, it can be easily left as simply a joke because it’s so obviously untrue. If I fight back on behalf of my blog and cry foul, it can only be from the perspective that it’s possibly true, and thus hurtful. Thus, it’s not the joke that brings bad light on LR, but the cry of foul play that suddenly brings people’s attention to the thought that maybe LR really does suck.

Additionally, embracing difference is generally considered to be a part of anti-racism, anti-sexism, etc. Embracing difference means we don’t avoid ever making mention of differences or potential differences – we don’t ignore them. Embracing difference means acknowledging that it’s ok to have differences, and so differences becomes a thing of smiling and laughter, not a thing of hate, as some pretend they must be. These people push what I call “tolerance by ignorance” – make everyone appear to be exactly the same and ignore all differences. If we can’t actually handle differences, then what the hell is the point?

The fact is, if we’re a free people, we can be free to embrace our idiosyncratic differences – even those that are associated with identifiable groups of people. More than that, we can be free to have fun with those differences; to make jokes and to laugh. What is freedom worth without laughter anyway?

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The government’s most blatant act of slavery

Posted by gravisman on July 1, 2008

I was reading this argument against the Supreme Court’s recent decision on D.C.’s handgun ban when I felt it necessary to comment on one of the laws I’ve always found most perplexing: it’s illegal to commit suicide. WTF? 

If I own a television set, I’m perfectly within my rights to break it. If I own my refrigerator I’m perfectly within my rights to unplug it. If I own a pig I’m perfectly within my rights to kill it. If I own my own life I’m perfectly within my rights to break it, to unplug it, or to kill it, right? The answer is, unequivacably, YES. The problem is, the government has never been of the belief that you own your own life!

You are a citizen, and as such the government views you as a piece of its property – a pawn in its games, both international and domestic, for power. You may notice that it can be perfectly legal for the government to kill you in different scenarios, whether at the hand of police or the courts. Since the government thinks it owns your life, that seems perfectly reasonable. Any attempt to end your life by anyone other than the government – including yourself – is seen as an attempt to steal the government’s property, and thus it intervenes with its legal forces.

The idea of the government claiming ownership over people’s lives in this manner is horrendous, especially when viewed with the realization that we are born into this country and this government without ever having a choice about it. We could not be given a chance to consent to a life of citizenry and governance before we are thrust into this life, and yet even after the choice is made for us and we are capable of choosing for ourselves, the option of revoking consent is deemed illegal.

It is clear what is going on. We are slaves to the government toward the end of continued economic production, military power, and physical reproduction so that the government maintains a steady supply of slaves. Couple this with the illegality of vagrancy and we see the full circle: it’s illegal to leave life, and it’s illegal to do nothing with it. In this way the government drives its slaves toward continued achievement of its ends.

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